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Web server monitoring tools for dedicated, cloud dedicated and virtual server. Website uptime monitor for enterprises, attorneys and online stores. Cloud based remote network monitoring software for everyone. 5-minute setup - our uptime monitor can serve as a professional alarm for websites. This website uptime monitoring service can watch your website every minute of its life, giving you complete overview of uptime : your website, uptime of your network, monitor of your ISP (internet service provider). You can set up server monitoring of your services in as low as 1 minute intervals, where you pay just for consumed ping requests to your website, not fixed fees as you used to be.

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23 server outages today

Professional server monitor

Server-monitor.xyz is a service for monitoring of cloud application servers, hybrid cloud server or dedicated, private servers. Even if you are running your private cloud server, this tool can help you to achieve better results while creating a backup solution of your private cloud. Server-monitor.xyz can serve well for website owners, where our uptime monitor can serve as a professional alarm for websites. This website uptime monitoring service can watch your website every minute of its life, giving you a complete overview of uptime: your website, uptime of your network, monitor of your ISP (internet service provider). You can set up server monitoring of your services in as low as 1-minute intervals, where you pay just for consumed ping requests to your website, not fixed fees as you used to be.


Cloud server hosting

Date: 2015-10-27, 6 months ago

We can offer years of experience with cloud-based server hosting as well. What is the difference between classic dedicated server hosting, compare to cloud servers? The largest difference is immediate availability. Today, everything is very fast. It does not matter if you need Linux-based cloud hosting, or Windows-based (cloud servers provide the same choices as currently dedicated companies). The biggest proof of cloud-based hosting is the speed of delivery. We have partnered with the biggest players in cloud services, and so we can provide you excellent services when creating private cloud environment. Our customers usually say that the largest impact of moving to the cloud is spinning a new server instance in a matter of minutes, without the need to go physically anywhere. Our company can prepare you detailed cloud hosting pricing plan, so you can achieve higher price effectivity, compared to your current dedicated server based hardware costs. Cloud services can be significantly cheaper, than you current hardware, when used properly.


Is your site up or down?

Date: 2016-08-09, 4 months ago

This tools allows you to easily test, whether your website is up or down.


Compare Web hosting plans

We are monitoring services of our clients. We took the most used web hosting plans, converted their prices a merged it all into one, readable table.

Price / mo


fluidhosting.comValueRUB805 500GB7.5GB99.526%
Description: create cloud server, cloud based server hosting, cloud application server
onlineustaad.comUnlimitedRUB193 UnlimitedUNlimitedPakistan Pakistan99.204%
Description: ruby server monitoring, gfi server monitor, wow mop private server
Webspace4AllBusinessX IIIRUB5,805 204800 MB150.00GBGermany Germany99.713%
Description: cloud based server backup solutions, server monitoring tool, cloud hosted servers
a-tech.comStandardRUB959 50GB5GBUnited States United States99.295%
Description: online server monitor, dedicated server with cpanel, create a cloud server
hostalite.comBasicRUB322 4GB500MBUganda Uganda99.118%
Description: dedicated server hosting australia, cloud based server backup, server backups
webbangladesh.netSilverRUB64 1GB1GBBagladesh99.877%
Description: server monitor android, raid server recovery, sql server recovery
netcup.deWebbaukasten XLRUB1,047 Unlimited250GBGermany Germany99.494%
Description: cloud backup services for servers, server monitoring cloud, windows server monitoring tools
web4u.czKompletRUB1,046 50GBCzech Republic Czech Republic99.031%
Description: exchange server monitoring, windows server recovery, server monitoring
3ix.orgExiteRUB77 100Gb40GBSingapore Singapore99.97%
Description: running wordpress on windows server, linux server monitoring, windows 2008 server backup
WebDynamicH100RUB965 1000 MB100 MBAustralia Australia99.895%
Description: cloud file servers, sql server backup strategy, small business server backup solutions
insiderhosting.comPersonalRUB644 10GB1GB99.29%
Description: systems management server, windows cloud servers, cloud backup servers
Net-Spacy IT-Services GmbHOwnCloud LRUB1,090 Unlimited100GBGermany Germany99.819%
Description: best server backup solution, server cloud canada, cost of cloud server
dihost.netBasicRUB138 Unlimited100GBAustria Austria99.476%
Description: back up servers, server on cloud, cloud server setup
domainplus.com.myXiciteRUB56 5GB20GBSingapore Singapore99.466%
Description: cloud server host, cloud server services, server disaster recovery
infrenion.comEnterpriseRUB450 UnlimitedUnlimited99.245%
Description: how to backup server, performance monitor windows server 2008 r2, monitoring server performance
Digital PacificBusiness BasicRUB959 20000 MB2500 MBAustralia Australia99.365%
Description: online server backup solutions, monitoring server software, cloud vs server
tecsolutions.comStarterRUB142 25GB1GBNigeria Nigeria99.452%
Description: server image backup, sql server backup table, cloud virtual servers
SynServer - Powered by Plusserver AGHost BasicRUB727 Unlimited4GBGermany Germany99.982%
Description: cloud server solutions, window server backup, cloud backup for servers
Aztech NetworksBusinessRUB1,180 10000 MB1000 MBAustralia Australia99.349%
Description: hp server monitoring software, australian dedicated server hosting, servermonitor
adeska internet lösungenadeska//web 100GB ÖkoRUB1,236 Unlimited100GBGermany Germany99.107%
Description: server network monitoring software, windows server 2003 installation, server network monitoring
conetix.com.auPremiumRUB4,505 200GB30GB99.108%
Description: server backup system, online server backups, cloud based mail server
olm.netStarterRUB251 Unmetered5GBUnited States United States99.493%
Description: online server backup, windows server backup system state, cloud plex server
cirrushosting.comPersonalRUB637 50GBUnlimitedCANADA99.882%
Description: cloud server provider, server monitoring dashboard, simple server monitoring
Red RookStarterRUB708 Unlimited10 MBAustralia Australia99.87%
Description: cloud servers reviews, server 2008 image backup, sql server with check option
Profihost AGxt:Commerce HostingRUB2,164 Unlimited8GBGermany Germany99.692%
Description: backblaze server backup, creating a cloud server, web server monitoring tools
tierra.netEmail OnlyRUB319 0500MB99.379%
Description: cloud server costs, windows server 2003 group policy editor, best server backup
anixhost.comBasicRUB251 UnmeteredUnlimitedUnited States United States99.039%
Description: cloud backup server, datacenter server architecture, online backup servers
hostmydomainnow.comDeluxeRUB643 50GB15GB99.588%
Description: server backup tools, server cloud, server performance monitoring
InternodeStatic WindowsRUB644 500 MB10 MBAustralia Australia99.73%
Description: web server monitoring, build a cloud server, windows server 2008 system restore


Web Hosting Company Directory


PID file check script in PHP

Date: 2017-09-07, 3 months ago

This script check for PID file creation time, and end the script in case it is newer than Xtime seconds. It is useful for running cron jobs and detection, whether the script should be running twice (check if it is still running).

function pidder($pid,$xtime=600) {
    if ((! is_file($pid)) || (isset($_GET["new"]))) {
        fputs($fp,date("Y-m-d H:i:s"));
    } else if ($time>$xtime) {
        fputs($fp,date("Y-m-d H:i:s"));
    } else {
        if (!isset($_GET["no"])) {
            Log::file("cron"," GORYCHLIK NO PID $time");
            die("PID $time");


What is SolarEdge monitoring

Date: 2017-09-15

As the title suggest, SolarEdge monitoring is monitoring software for solar power plant. The software is quite popular and has even the mobile application for the owners. They can monitor it from everywhere. It has many similarities to our Server monitoring service – sending an alert in case of something unusual or preplanned happened – you can set up alerts for downtime (same as malfunction solar panel), or you can be alerted when some task is completed (similar to reaching some level of output). Our monitoring solution can be even use to monitor server running the solar monitoring software. We can name it Monitoring^2


XBOX ONE - Streaming to Windows 10

Date: 2017-09-21, 3 months ago

Sometimes in the life of each gamer there will be a situation where he has to interrupt the game because some of the loved ones want to watch the endless series of telenovela that is just running in the TV, just in the situation where the prosperity and reach of the desired achievement is at your fingertips.

Fortunately, it is now possible to solve this situation without any unnecessary argument or disagreement. Xbox ONE can stream the game, so like send pictures to PC / laptops and soon to mobile phones. The only condition is Windows 10 on the device (PC / notebook or smartphone) that must be connected to the same router (the same subnet) along with the Xbox.

First, make sure you have streaming enabled in Console settings, more precisely in Preferences, (default is enabled). In Windows 10, we expect you to be logged in under your Microsoft account, which is the same as the console, running the application with the appropriate Xbox name. Then connect to your ONE console via the Connect option. You can also see the console name (you can use the name change in the console settings). If your console does not automatically shows to you, connect to it by entering its IP address. There is also button "More" where you will find the option to connect to your console automatically or to delete connection data, in case that you have more consoles in the house and want to connect to the other.

Now select "Stream" to the choice - stream. It depends on the game, although it would be right to say that the entire console can be controlled via a joypad attached to the PC (and we do not have to remind that even here you can play with the ONE driver) or a joypad still attached to the console (assuming you within reach of the console's connectivity, this is approximately 10 meters under ideal conditions). At the same time, you see not only the running game but also the entire dashboard.

At this point, it is good to remember that the quality of the transfer depends on the quality and location of your router. The most common situation is that both PC and Xbox ONE are connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. Definitely it will not hurt to do Test Streaming and turn on the WMM mode on a Wi-Fi router that prefers speed-sensitive data traffic such as streaming games. If possible, use a 5GHz 802.11AC or N network. But even if you're connected wirelessly and the gameplay does not meet your requirements, it's possible to reduce the quality of the video encoding by changing a "Video Encoding Level" menu to improve the response. I still remember that the Wi-Fi signal is weaker when the wall is between and even worse if the wall is in the panel apartment (due to metal rods inside the concrete).

You can turn off streaming at any time with "stop streaming". With this app you control the console and it can also be turned on or off while controlling the volume of your TV. With this streaming, you cannot record a game via the console or send it to Twitch, but you can record and capture images directly on your PC. You cannot stream video applications, ie content protected by HDCP and Blu-ray player due to copyright.

Some users find that audio and video are stuttering for them at regular intervals, in which case open the properties of your wireless card driver (the fastest way is to enter "Show Network Connections" in the search menu on the Start menu, then click your connection with the right mouse button and here select "Configure") to select the "Advanced" menu. If your Wi-Fi adapter is from Intel, set Roaming Aggression to 1 (lowest). If Qualcomm (Atheros), then give the Valid Tracking Range to "120".


6 Plugins for Import - Exporting Products from WooCommerce

Date: 2017-10-05, 2 months ago

Occasionally, respectively especially when you build a new site, you need to get a lot of products into the web store. The following plug-ins can help you achieve that. Some are purely Import or Export data, others handle both. In particular, the rule applies to importing that the terminology and structure of input files need to be studied in precisely, mostly in the form of .csv file. In the area of import it is highly important, that you have to try it all over several times with a sample data, before you can import hundreds or thousands of items. You would certainly not be glad to find out after a few day or weeks of running business, that there is a bug in each product and you will need to manually fix it or ask the administrator to edit the database. This could be action, which could also mean a fatal system failure. Most plugins can only handle text data, but there are also plugins that can import images as well.

WooCommerce CSV exporter

Simple export of products and their variants into a CSV file

WooCommerce CSV Loader

Simple import of products and their variations from a CSV file

Uploading images via URL or local file path, skips duplicates

Imports the hierarchical structure of categories

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin

Supports importing posts, pages, users and roles, comments, custom fields, authors, tags, categories and e-shop items

Imports external / internal images in conjunction with any post

Imports classic videos and videos from YouTube

SEO import support, duplicate subtitle solutions, better alternative to XML

And many more features...

WooCommerce XLS Export Lite

Simple export of products and their variants into XLS file

Overview and access to all previously exported XLS files

Import Products from any XML or CSV to WooCommerce

Simple import of products and their variations from XML and CSV files

Import any XML or CSV File to WordPress

4-step import process, intuitive interface with the ability to import by dragging the mouse

Allows you to import any XML or CSV file

Customize the fields into which data is to be imported

Importing Images to Media Gallery

Download and import files from external sources


10 signs of good web hosting company

Date: 2018-01-15, 2 months ago

Many businesses with websites cannot afford a few minutes of downtime to the point where their customer does not have access to their site.

This is where having a reliable and trustworthy web hosting service comes into play.

What follows are 10 signs you need to look for when searching for a good web hosting company.

1 - Support

You need to ask yourself what type of support you'll need. One cannot afford a website that goes down or having to cope with email issues. You need a host that offers 24/7 free phone support with customer service reps who can speak your language.

2 - Parking Service

Find out if you can park your company's domain names. One would need this if you buy more than one domain where there are some common misspellings for which it would make sense to park it in one control panel without losing traffic in the process.

3 - Backup

Any web hosting service should provide adequate backup so you can get your site or blog back again should you mistakenly delete the directory of your website.

4 - Uptime Guarantee

You do not want your customers to come across a blank screen once they type in the URL of your website. Therefore, you need a hosting service with excellent uptime guarantees of at least 99 percent or more.

5 - Accessibility

Some hosting services can make it difficult to make any changes to your website. Avoid signing up with a host that does not allow you access to the server so you can create new email accounts without too much effort.

6 - Blogging Abilities

Most company websites need a blogging platform. Besides other social media tools, you need to have a blog. Ensure your web host meet the minimum requirements for WordPress, which is the leading blogging platform.

7 - Shared Hosting and VPS

In the beginning stages you can save money as a small business owner through using shared hosting. Just ensure your host offers you with the opportunity to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

8 - Hosting Company Should Offer Add-ons

You may favor the low cost hosting service you signed up for. Just be sure that you know what you're paying for and that you can add on some extras down the line without necessarily paying extra for everything.

9 - Scalability

Often business owners start out small, but then they reach a point where they require exceptional bandwidth capacities as they have to cope with traffic spikes. You do not want your site crashing at any point. Ensure your service provider can handle spikes without costing you an arm and a leg.

10 - Exit Possibilities

Maybe you are not as excited about your web hosting service when you first signed up and wish to go elsewhere. Be sure to read the fine print before signing up. Your web host should also allow you to move your domain name away when you want to do so.

As you would have noticed, a web hosting package comes with an array of web builder tools, a library, video tutorials, sufficient bandwidth, and plenty of disk space to accommodate your business needs. Be sure to choose right.


SSL certificates - why to invest with a Certificate Authority

Date: 2018-02-15, 2 months ago

Your SSL certificate should instill trust in your end user, which is exactly why it should be considered an important investment when developing your website. Although there may be a large variety of SSL certificate providers out there, ranging in price from pennies to hundreds of dollars, it's wise to remember that you get what you pay for. If you are running a website that will be storing sensitive information - especially private information belonging to your end user - such as financial information, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, usernames, and passwords, you would be wise to set aside some cash and invest with a well known Certificate Authority.

How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

SSL certificates are designed to be installed by a web developer onto an organization's server with the primary purpose of encrypting sensitive information such as credit card transactions, logins, user details and data transfer. The SSL certificate, once installed, will activate the padlock and HTTPS functionalities in the end user's web browser, allowing for secure transfer of all data on that website.

The end user's device - be it a mobile phone, tablet or PC - will have come with a collection of root certificates already installed from trusted Certificate Authorities. The SSL certificate installed on your server when the user visits your site must match one of the pre-installed root certificates on the end user's device, or else the user will be met by an assortment of pop up warnings stating that your website does not have valid certificates, and is not a trusted site.

Not having a valid certificate can result in low traffic, poor conversions, low Google rankings and a lower level of protection when securing the data of your organization and the privacy of your end users.

How Much Does a Trusted SSL Certificate Cost?

SSL Certificates can range in price drastically, even when they are downloaded from a trusted Certificate Authority. GoDaddy..... a trusted Certificate Authority, offers SSL certificates as low as $1 USD per month, while an SSL certificate from Glob..... may cost $369 USD per year or much, much more.

The price of the SSL certificate can greatly depend on the method of deployment. A simple SSL certificate, which is a small data file that is downloaded and installed on the organization's server, will cost the lowest price, while security tokens can typically be purchased in packages and often carry a slightly higher cost. Often times security solutions for enterprises can carry much larger fees, as they will require a customized subscription including SSL certificates and other server security solutions.

How To Determine The Best Security Solution For Your Site

If your website is collecting sensitive financial and credit-related information such as credit cards, banking information, social security numbers and dates of birth, the best solution can be a customized security plan involving complicated server solutions. Discussing your options with an account manager at a Certificate Authority would be the best choice.

If your website is simple, however, and you are looking to simply protect your organization's data in small amounts, or minimal user login and password information, purchasing a downloadable SSL certificate from a less expensive Certificate Authority is probably the most effective solution for your site, as it is both secure and low-cost.


AWS Lightsail review

Date: 2018-03-15, 2 months ago

What is AWS Lightsail?

AWS Lightsail is Amazon Web Service's answer to web hosting services such as HostGator, DreamHost and BlueHost. AWS Lightsail offers users a secure virtual private server packed with user-friendly features that allow subscribers to manage content quickly and easily. Virtual private servers are designed to provide developers, websites and other businesses with dedicated server hosting, without the additional costs of running a data center.

What's included?

  • AWS Lightsail console that allows you to easily manage your VPS
  • SSD based block storage
  • RDS access (for Windows users only)
  • SSH terminal access (for Linux/Unix users only)
  • DNS management
  • Server monitoring
  • Lightsail API which can be integrated with external applications
  • Fast, secure network configuration
  • Load balancing
  • Access to other AWS services
  • Snapshot functionality for an additional fee

What is the cost?

AWS offers different price levels, which vary based on your operating system. Linux/Unix users will see lower subscription costs, while Windows users are paying slightly higher costs and receiving more functionality.

Subscriptions for Linux/Unix users range from $5 USD monthly up to $80 USD monthly, and Windows users will pay anywhere from $10 USD monthly up to $100 USD monthly.

For a full breakdown of subscription pricing and features, readers can check out AWS Lightsail's

AWS Lightsail will allow users to perform a variety of cloud project tasks, including:

  • Application hosting
  • Manage e-commerce using Magneto 2
  • Set up an email server using most popular, commercial mail server software
  • Test and stage servers
  • Launch a Windows server
  • Host and manage Wordpress websites

For the price, AWS Lightsail really does compare favorably to other web hosting services. At only a fraction of the cost of most other services, AWS Lightsail is able to provide users with all of the necessary functionality of a secure virtual private server.

For small businesses and individuals hosting their own websites or data, AWS Lightsail is perhaps one of the better options when shopping for virtual private servers.

Service Limitations

AWS Lightsail has the following limits per account:

  • 20 instances
  • 20 TB of block storage
  • 5 load balances
  • 5 static IPs
  • 3 DNS zones
  • 20 certificates per calendar year

Although AWS does not offer increases for load balances or DNS zones, their website does suggest contacting their Link

Browser cookies - what is good for?

Date: 2018-04-24, 2 months ago

Computer cookies are all about consumer information. They are also known as HTTP cookies or browser cookies. Cookies refer to a packet of data stored in computing devices and that it sends back to internet networks without altering it. They collect information about browsing activities whenever a computer accesses a website using cookies. The file is stored on the computer inside the web browser.

What Do Cookies Do?

Websites make use of cookies to help track of visits and activities on the websites. That is not always a bad thing as it can help meet some consumer needs. Online retailers use cookies to track the items a user explores or places in their shopping cart. Without cookies, the shopping cart would reset to zero every time a user clicks on a new link and essentially make it impossible to buy anything on the web.

Websites also record recent visits in cookies or even capture login information. For most people, storing passwords is very helpful. The tracking of recent activity is also important because people can easily find out what their past activities are.

Different types of cookies are available to keep track of different activities. Session cookies track the user as they navigate a website and disappear when one leaves the website. Tracking cookies monitor long-term visits and maintain the information. Authentication cookies check the log status of users and the accompanying login names.

The good

There are some very sophisticated cookies in use. They help improve user experience by recording the amount of time spent on each page, clicked links, preferred colour schemes and page layouts. they are very useful since they record items in the shopping cart. The benefits of cookies are potentially endless, but the most important of all is making it easy to track your recent interactions with minimal effort. As such, without cookies, online shopping experience would be significantly harder.

The ugly

The use of cookies is undoubtedly the most controversial method to collect consumers' data. A cookie is a text file that is stored on a target computer when they visit a website. Cookies contain information such as usernames, location, pages viewed, and products seen. Since these files are stored on a computer, websites can view such files and determine what advertisements to serve that particular user. There is increasing concern about the information type collected by the cookies without consent. Further, some cookies are permanently stored on the computer, a blatant privacy intrusion.

Cookies and the law

Almost all modern websites use some type of cookie. Majority of the internet users have no idea what cookies are or what they do. In fact, few even notice that they exist as they browse from page to page. For the most part, it is up to the user to either allow or block cookies on the websites that they access. However, there are laws and regulations that require users to give express permission to store and retrieve data about browsing habits. The EU has a raft of laws that govern user privacy enacted in 2012.

Websites now have a legal obligation to draw the attention of users to their cookie policy when they visit their homepage. While it may seem time-consuming, it is more transparent than when sites collected information anonymously. Users can simply accept the terms and continue browsing, or in some exceptions ignore the announcement and continue with their activities.


What is traceroute good for?

Date: 2018-04-27, 2 months ago

A traceroute is a tool that expresses the various paths through which particular information is to follow the user's computer and the server. It is a very important tool in the field of information technology. Any computer savvy will tell you that for the data to move from one point to another, it has to pass via stages. Through these stages, challenges are prone to occur. It is for this reason that a traceroute exist. It is an important troubleshooting tool with a variety of uses as follows.

General connection problem solver

Traceroute is a crucial tool that helps one to understand the problems encountered during an internet connection. Some of these problems include high latency and packet loss. In case you are encountering a problem associated with connecting your machine to an internet website, a traceroute becomes of great help. It specifies where the problem lies. It is a tool that aids one in identifying and visualizing the path that the traffic intends to takes between a computer and a server from the web. It captures the broadband users whereby the traceroute helps them to connect to various websites. These' customers might as well be experiencing problems in connection to the internet.

Shows various stages and Intermediaries a traffic passes through

When one tries to connect the computer to a given website, the traffic goes through several stages that serve as intermediaries before reaching the actual website. The first place it lands is on your local router. It then goes to the routers that serve as an internet provider in your local computer. The traffic then goes to the larger internet networks. A traceroute is the only tool that shows us the various stages that the traffic goes through.

Displaying delay points

In case you are having troubles reaching the target website, while the website you are reaching is working fine, it means that there is a problem in the intermediary stages. It means that there a problem in between two or several stages in the path. The problem between your computer and the server's website can only be sorted out with the help of the traceroute. It specifies where the problem is giving us the points where the delays are occurring.

Solves the "error" problem

A traceroute is a solution for the stuck destinations whereby the screen pops the wordings "error destination unreachable." A traceroute will troubleshoot this error. It is an error that occurs as a result of misconfiguration at the routers settings. It may also be as a result of an IP address that does not exist. A traceroute has the capability to show this explicitly, eventually offering a solution.

Calculating the amount of time taken

The traceroute records various routes that the traffic follows by use of hops in each stage. In these stages, the traceroute calculates the amount of time that each hop takes. It measures the speed in which a given set of data takes to reach its destination. If it takes too long in a given stage, it tells the user of the problem in that given stage.

The bottom-line

From the above discussion, it can be deduced that traceroute is a tool that is perfect in bottlenecking the hiccups in the internet servers. It is a diagnostic tool for network problems. It most cases, it solves the speed issues of a given router. Overall, the major function of the traceroute stands out to be discovering the root cause of website loading failures.


3 Tools to Test Your Server's Security

Date: 2018-05-02, 2 months ago

Testing the security of your server is extremely important. Running regular scans will protect your server and site from all kinds of malware such as viruses, ransomware, and spyware.

If your server is vulnerable to these types of malicious programs, you are risking the security and privacy of your end users, and ultimately your reputation.

Here are some of the best tools you can use to ensure the safety and security of your server.

Pentest Tools offers an interface similar to Immuni-Web SSL Scan, whereas the user will input the IP address or web address into the search bar to retrieve a security analysis, however, Pentest Tools offers more scanning options, including the option to run a quick scan or a full scan, which will provide a highly detailed analysis of the security and functionality of your entire server and/or website.

The quick scan offered by Pentest Tools is simple and non-intrusive, while the full scan is intrusive and must be initiated by or authorized by the owner of the server/website.

Pentest Tools offers subscription options to suit a variety of needs and budgets. The free "community" subscription will provide 40 credits and limited features - a web server scan costs 20 credits, while the Enterprise option will provide a wide range of features and scanning options at a yearly cost of $950.


International Web Hosts That Provide the Best UX

Date: 2018-05-17, 1 months ago

When it comes to UX, or user experience, not all countries are equal. Some countries have web hosts who are able to provide different services and features with their subscriptions due to a number of factors including audience size, technical training and capabilities, bandwidth availability and internet service providers. When building your site, it is important to take measures to ensure a positive UX.

What is UX?

UX is user experience, which refers to the functionality and usability of your website. Even if a website is aesthetically pleasing, or packed with cool features, it will not retain users if it does not provide them with a positive experience. Some things that contribute to positive UX include:

  • Efficient and fast page loading
  • Accurate credit card approvals on e-commerce pages
  • Simple and logical menus
  • An accessible and easy to find sitemap
  • Up to date, accurate and useful information
  • Responsive sites that will work on all devices
  • Strong security and privacy protection

Where can developers find the best web host to contribute to UX?

Many of the above-mentioned factors that contribute to a positive user experience highly depend upon things such as bandwidth, connectivity, advance server technology and technical expertise. Larger countries with a wider audience such as the US and Canada, as well as the UK and Australia, can offer larger bandwidth capabilities, as well as a broader audience with more access to technology.

Subscribing to a web host in a larger country such as the ones mentioned above improves UX in many ways. Web hosts in these countries have much wider capabilities as far as server technology, connectivity, ISPs (internet service providers) and access to technology, which directly contributes to the technical expertise of web administrators.

The large variety of web hosts available in these countries can also provide developers with a larger variety of add-ons and options available to customize their websites to provide end users with a positive experience tailored to their specific industry and purpose.

Using a web host in smaller countries can still provide developers with a reliable site and positive user experience, however, the bandwidth and connectivity may not be as reliable, and therefore page loading times and reliability may be slower than if a web host in the US, UK, Canada or Australia were to be used.

What are some web hosts I can subscribe to in the US, UK, Canada or Australia?

In the US and Canada:

In the UK:

Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate for your Website

Date: 2018-05-29, 1 months ago

SSL certificates are an important part of any secure website. The SSL certificate protects both the website owner and its users from data and privacy breach and can help to provide peace of mind to any users who sign up for a website. In addition to providing security, having an SSL certificate installed on your website can strongly benefit the website owner by increasing traffic and conversions.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a small data file that a website administrator can install on a web server to bind together an organizations domain and hostname with their organization name and location. The SSL certificate also activates the padlock and https protocol in web searches, allowing for a secure exchange of information.

The SSL certificate is designed to secure and encrypt information such as user logins, data transfers, and credit card transactions. It is also widely used to protect social media accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How you can benefit from using an SSL certificate

Installing an SSL certificate on your website will not only provide you with added security when processing e-commerce transactions and protecting sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, it will also increase your metrics and can contribute to an increased conversion rate.

Having an SSL certificate increases your ranking in Google searches, which in turn will increase the traffic to your website. Showing that you offer secure browsing instills confidence in a page visitor, which will often lead to more account sign-ups or online purchases on your website.

How To Tell if Your SSL Certificate is Trusted

SSL certificates can be purchased online in many places, however, it is highly important that the SSL certificate purchased is downloaded from a trusted and reputable certificate authority. The root certificate must be available on the end user's device (mobile, pc, or tablet) in order for the SSL certificate is trusted. If the root certificate is not stored on the end user's device, the SSL certificate stored on your website will not appear as trusted and your end user will receive security warnings, resulting, most likely, in your end user leaving your site to visit one with a valid and trusted SSL certificate.

Where To Buy a Trusted SSL Certificate

As mentioned previously, SSL certificates should only be purchased from a trusted certificate authority in order to provide your end users with verified secure encryption.

One of these trusted certificate authorities will be your best bet when purchasing an SSL certificate for your website:

  • GlobalSign
  • Digicert
  • GoDaddy
  • GeoTrust
  • Comodo
  • Symantec
  • IdenTrust
  • Digicert

These certificate authorities have been authorized SSL certificate providers for a substantial amount of time, and when purchasing your SSL certificate from one of them, you can be assured that your end user will have a secure experience on your website.


Pros and cons of free SSL certificate

Date: 2018-07-10, 1 months ago

Google changes its search engine algorithm frequently. Though it's not always obvious for Google to disclose what it intends to change, it uses the I/O conferences to update tech and web developers about any such plans. A 2014 annual conference saw it announce its plans to use HTTPS as a ranking feature for websites. The announcement spawned discussions about the use of SSL certificates as they are the foundation for cybersecurity. The certificates provide authentication, data integrity and confidentiality. Users often think that HTTPS and SSL are the same but SSL certificates protect connections and the transfer of data between the browser and the website server while HTTPS is a combination of HTTP and SSL certificates. The HTTPS is an encryption displayed in the web browser using a padlock symbol and green address bar. SSL presents several advantages and disadvantages to users:


Enhanced Data Integrity

SSL certificates protect your data as it first authenticates that the website is the right server for communication. Secondly, it encrypts all the communication thus protecting the user's credit card numbers in the case of large online trades and browser history. Home Depot, Ebay, Taget among other large online retailers have fallen prey to hacking and lost payment records and important customer information because their sites did not use the HTTPS extension. SSL certificates also protect data from third-party intrusion and other external threats.

Improved SEO Ranking

Websites that use SSL boost their SEO ranking as it was confirmed a ranking feature in 2014. Google believed that SSL helped create a web culture where data security of the users is protected. In fact, the search engine planned to flag websites that do not use the HTTP as unsafe.

Gives Identity

Websites that have the Extended Validation SSL certificates have legal ownership of the website. As such, they give visitors the assurance that the site they are visiting is owned by that particular organization.

Presence of Referrer Data

SSL certificates create the HTTPS URL which allows your data to remain intact. Sites that use the unsecured HTTP instead of HTTPS leads to the loss of referral data. As a result, your site's analytics report displays dark traffic on the internet.


Does not Incorporate Mobile Configurations

Since SSL certificates were created to enhance security, mobile users were not considered. However, the increased use of mobile devices has caused website owners to set up in-house applications or third-party applications to help their sites operate the same way as mobile devices.

Reduced Page Loading Speed

The use of SSL is believed to reduce the loading speed of your website. Businesses that rely on mobile users are more likely to be affected by the reduced loading speed of their sites.

Technical Complications

Adding SSL certificates to a website means that the user needs to use a new domain name for his site. As a result, all the old pages need to be redirected to the new HTTPS.

Need to Update Landing Pages

The use of SSL certificates also requires users to update the landing pages used on Google, social media and email marketing campaigns. Simply put, users need to update all the areas where the old URL without the SSL certificate have been used.

Technical Complications

Users that have multi-domain SSL certificates may need to engage an expert to as there is a high chance of making errors.



Why is Mozilla a non-profit?

Date: 2018-08-01, 1 months ago

While most web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Opera, provide a better experience for the user than Microsoft's Internet Explorer (and Microsoft's drop in market share proves it), all pale in comparison to the popularity of Mozilla Firefox, which dominates the market with a 23% chunk of the pie globally, and 48% of Europe's market. So why is Mozilla Firefox so successful compared to its many competitors? Firefox's Chairman Mitchel Baker claims it is because of its business model, in that it is run by a non-profit organization.

Firefox relies on its community, which motivates the community is to share and contribute to the project, as it benefits the whole community and public at large. The community is happy to contribute to an organization whose goal is not to get rich, but to improve everyone's experience online, much like the concept of the very successful Linux foundation. The Mozilla Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 2003, with the aim of keeping the Internet a public resource globally, ensuring that it is always open and freely accessible to everyone. Inline with their Mozilla Manifesto, the organization is constantly improving itself in order to provide an optimal open and healthy online experience.

The Mozilla Foundation and Corporation

There is also a Mozilla Corporation, of which the Mozilla Foundation is the sole shareholder. The Mozilla Corporation is involved in making Firefox and a host of source utilities. The Mozilla Corporation serves as an enterprise in its own right, and reinvests the funds that its products earn back into the organization. With a worldwide community of volunteers that includes tens of thousands of members who assist the organization in a number of ways, including coding and international advocacy campaigns, the successful foundation continues to flourish and grow.

As Mozilla continues to dominate the world stage in terms of browsers, it will continue to add more features and capabilities and go head to head with data giants such as Google's Chrome and Facebook, offering vendor compatibilities and additional media drivers and security measures through crowdsourced optimization of policies and capabilities that have put it on top.

While technically, the lines between Mozilla's non-profit Foundation and its for-profit Mozilla Corporation may be blurry and possibly non-existent, the manner in which Mozilla presents itself to the public has made a world of difference. Mozilla prides itself in the open source development community as being transparent, community-driven, and user friendly. By putting community first and money second, Forefox have fostered a sense of loyalty and inclusiveness which Microsoft and Google cannot lay claim to. Mozilla projects appeal widely to a global network of open source developers who can gather, collaborate, share, and improve the experience for every user in the community.


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